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Dan Towar Series

Daniel Towar, presented  Discover Revelation, a series of dynamic and interactive presentations on Bible prophecy that show  how real, relevant, and living the Word of God is today. His interests include running, camping, history and the study of the Bible that will make this seminar one of the most worthwhile events in your life. People on four continents have been fascinated and encouraged by Dan's messages .Enjoy these amazing discoveries with your family and friends. Patsy Towar, R.N., presents Living the Healthy Lifestyle, practical and dramatic 'cutting edge' health features. These are vibrant and scientifically proven secrets that will make a positive difference in your quality of life. Thousands have found answers regarding the world's future and their future—you can too!

Audio in MP 3 format is now available for download.. If you are a new viewer please  listen to these sermons in the order that they are posted.  Each lesson builds on the previous lesson. Listening out of order may make it difficult to fully comprehend this subject matter. Please pray that God gives you understanding and you will be blessed. 

#1  America, Islam, and the Conflict Over the Worlds Next Super Power
#2 The Star Man of Revelation:Life's Last,Best.
#3 Revelation's War Between The Lion and The Dragon
#4 Revelation's Lion King And His Court
#5 Prophecy Reveals Defeat Of Four Anti-Christ Super Powers
#6 Discover The Bible Prophesy Jesus Said We Must Understand
#7 Revelation's Seal Of God vs. the Mark of the Beast
#8 Revelation Reveals History's Greatest Hoax 
#9 Discover Revelation's King Of Kings  Part1     Part2
#10 Discover Revelation's Resurrection Day
#11 When do Revelation's 1,000 Years Begin and How do they end
#12 Discover Revelation's Truth about Heaven and Hell
#13 The Blood of the Lamb of Revelation
#14 Vibrant Health and Bible Prophecy: The Connection
#15 Discover The Four Horses of the Apocalypse: What Are They ?
#16 Discover The Remnant of Revelation: What Do They Believe
#17 Discover the Truth about New Age,Channeling,and Prophets
#18 Discover: What Is The Mark Of The Beast         
#19 Revelation's Last Three Messages For The World
#20 Revelation Reveals America's Future     Part 2
#21 Mystery Babylon and the World's Final  Financial Collapse
#22 Guaranteed! How to Build Your Faith