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Ty Gibson Tabernacle series now on MP-3
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Ty Gibson Co-director/Speaker of Light Bearers ministry returned to the Tabernacle for a series October 19-20.  Pastor Gibson presented an entire evangelistic series here in 2002, which was a blessing to us all.  

Light Bearers is an international publishing and teaching ministry that provides shipments of literature to the church in developing countries.  More than 500 million gospel publications in over thirty languages have been put in circulation to date.  Ty has authored eight books including See with New Eyes, An Endless Falling in Love, and his most recent release, A God Named Desire.  He speaks frequently at camp meetings and other major church gatherings.  He lives in Oregon with his wife Sue.

Ty’s Tabernacle series is titled “Seeing with New Eyes: Exploring the Beauty of God’s Character”. 
            Friday, October 19                 7:00 pm           “Alluring Love”
            Sabbath, October 20             9:30 am           “Get Yourself a New Husband”
            Sabbath, October 20             10:45 am         “A Lingering Fragrance”
            Sabbath, October 20             5:30 pm           “Blind Messiah”
This dynamic series will be a blessing to all regardless of denominational affiliation.  Everyone will be drawn into a greater appreciation for our God and desire a deeper relationship with Him.  Please invite family and friends to attend with you.  This series was sponsored by the Reflectors Sabbath School class.

These presentations are now available to play or for download as MP-3's.