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Tabernacle Sacred Concert Series 2015
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Tabernacle Sacred Concert Series 2015
Tabernacle Sacred Concert Series 2015

The Emmanuel Quartet – A Capella Gospel Quartet – January 17, 2015 – 7:30 p.m.  Free Concert
The Emmanuel Quartet is an A Cappella gospel group from Collegedale, Tennessee.  The quartet began in 1989 as the "Highland Academy Men's Quartet."  In 1993 the group's name was changed, and The Emmanuel Quartet was born.  The quartet's music is 100 percent a cappella and features barbershop-style harmonies and a smooth blend of voices.  They have recorded seven independent albums, and the members arrange all of their music and write many of their own songs.
The quartet has presented concerts to audiences of all ages in the United States and around the world.  In 1997 they won first place at a national gospel music talent competition in Jackson, Tennessee.  In 2007 they sang to an audience of 12,000 in Jakarta, Indonesia, including the governor of the capital city. 
Their latest project, recorded in 2013 – "Twenty & Change: Songs from the Heart" – celebrates their 20th year of music ministry.

The members of the quartet are not only musicians by desire, but also ministers of the gospel through music.  The mission of the quartet is to reflect God's love through music, reminding His people that He is with us and that Jesus is returning soon.  Over the years, the faces of the quartet have changed, but the smooth harmonies and genuine spiritual message remain.  Current members are Ryan Pierce, bass; Tim Reutebuch, baritone; Gary Sewell, lead; and Phillip White, tenor.


Jeremy Hall
– Singer – February 7, 2015 – 7:30 p.m.  Free Concert
Music has been an important part of Jeremy Hall's life since he was very young.  As a child, his father, one of seven children, would tour around the Great Lakes states and perform family concerts.  This heritage of music was passed on to Jeremy.  While attending Andrews University in Michigan, Jeremy was a member of the AU Singers, and with the help of Professor Stephen Zork, produced his first album.

He has been blessed to perform in various venues and occasions. He was a featured soloist for the 2004 ASI convention in Cincinnati and has participated in other nationally and internationally televised religious programs, including NET '98, the Seventh-Day Adventist General Conference Session Toronto 2000, and more recently 3ABN.

Born and raised in Michigan, he had an eighth grade band and choir teacher who told him he was going to sing a solo called "He's Alive" for the Easter program, and there would be no argument.  Up to that point He was not interested in ever doing a solo, but she gently forced him out of his comfort zone.

Jeremy is currently the associate superintendent of education for the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.  He and his wife Donna have four children, and they often perform together as a family.


Buddy Houghtaling, Singer and Songwriter – March 17, 2015 – 7:30 p.m.  – Free Concert
Buddy Houghtaling’s appearances in the Tabernacle Sacred Concert Series have been so successful that he has been invited for the sixth straight year.  Buddy has traveled extensively throughout the USA, singing at churches, camp meetings, youth rallies, and other Christian fellowship gatherings.  He can also be seen on Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) as a solo artist, as well as on the 3ABN show, Kid's Time.
Buddy has a creative and unique flair of writing his own songs.  His lyrics weave the stories of Christ's love for His people, His grace, and His mercy.   His latest album, “One of Those Clouds,” points us to the day that all of us are waiting for – not just the day when we will be reunited with our loved ones, but the day that we will see our most gracious Lord and Savior, Jesus, in “One of Those Clouds” of glory.
Buddy has been writing, singing, and playing songs for nearly two decades.  His previous recordings, “Family Reunion,” “Little Lamb's Song,” “I Will Wait,” and “How Many Memories” feature favorite songs for all ages.  His song, "Here Kitty, Kitty," which is his interpretation of Daniel in the lion's den, is
played extensively on Christian radio.  It became a number one requested song on Family Life
His concerts have a friendly, relaxed, and peaceful atmosphere.  Through his humor, he
shows the joy of Christian living while balancing it with spiritual depth.  His goal is to comfort
the hurting, strengthen the spiritually weak, and to inspire Christian growth.
Buddy is a dentist in Battle Creek, Michigan, where he lives with his family.  His band – the “Holy Molars” – reflects his occupation and includes Dan Grentz and Ramon Weber.