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The Revelation of Whom ?
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The Revelation of Whom ?

A fresh, exciting mini-evangelistic series is coming to the Battle Creek Tabernacle in September!  Pastor Lee Venden will present a brand-new 12-meeting series on the book of Revelation titled, The Revelation of Whom?  The series will be held September 12-20 in the church.  It will provide a fresh perspective on the book of Revelation and how it applies to our walk with Jesus.  Revelation is His book, in His words, and He wants us to discover Him in it.  The primary focus will be on how we can find personal applications that impact our daily walk with Christ.


Scheduled presentations  are as follows:

  Friday, September 12, 6:30 pm  “I’ll Remember You”

  Saturday, September 13, 9:30 am  “Hot, Cold, or Warm?”

  Saturday, September 13, 10:45 am  “Who Gets the Glory?”

  Saturday, September 13, 6:30 pm  “Do It Yourself Religion”

  Sunday, September 14, 6:30 pm  “Mirror, Mirror”

  Monday, September 15, 6:30 pm  “Rest in Peace”

  Tuesday, September 16, 6:30 pm  “Come Out Wherever You Are”

  Wednesday, September 17, 6:30 pm  “Dressing for Success”

  Thursday, September 18, 6:30 pm  “Signed, Sealed, and Delivered”

  Friday, September 19, 6:30 pm  “Trust Confirmed”

  Saturday, September 20, 10:45 am  “Turning Point”

  Saturday, September 20, 6:30 pm  “The Term Is Over”


Marji Venden will be telling the children a story with a spiritual lesson at each meeting.  And Buddy Houghtalling, who has presented his wonderful music at the Tabernacle Sacred Concert Series, will provide special music.


Many of you will remember when Lee and Marji presented their It’s All About Jesus seminar five years ago.  You know what a great blessing that was.  The September series promises to bring similar blessings by giving us a fresh, reassuring perspective of the last book of the Bible and drawing us closer to Jesus.


For those of you who aren’t acquainted with Lee you may be interested in his background.  He taught Bible classes in a faith-based high school for eight years and has since pastored more than 30 years.  He and his wife, Marji, have been a full-time Revivalist Team in recent years.  Lee’s sermons are broadcast on TV and the internet.  Their son, Kris, is a systems analyst.  Their daughter, Lindsey, is a registered nurse.  Lee has authored three books and co-authored More About Jesus—a Bible study series in print at www.moreabout  The Venden’s revival website may be found at www.


Please mark your calendars now and plan to attend all twelve of these meetings.  And please invite your friends, family, and neighbors to come with you.  They will thank you for it!  By God’s grace this will be a life-changing series for everyone