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Battle Creek Tabernacle Family Newsletter, Volume 17, Issue 9, OCTOBER 2017
Designed for Dependency  From Pastor Rob Benardo
One definition of dependency is when someone is reliant upon some person or some thing for aid, support, favor etc., and today there is no shortage of dependencies. Some of the more common dependencies are illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs. It is possible also to have an unhealthy dependency upon a person – a family member or otherwise. It is probably true that most of us are dependent upon our cell phones these days and I suppose that is not a bad thing, that is as long as we have them!   

In this age of fierce independence, it may be seen as a bad thing to be dependent upon anything or anyone, but did you know that we were designed to be dependent? Oh, not dependent upon the things or people of this world but dependent upon the true and living God of heaven. The gospel of John chapter 15 says this: “Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can you, except you abide in me. I am the vine, and you are the branches: he that abides in Me and I and him, the same brings forth much fruit: for without Me you can do nothing.”  John 15:4, 5   

Now that is truly dependency! The Bible says that without God we can do nothing. So, let's drill down on this text just a little. Jesus says that He is the vine and we are the branches. The branches are perfectly helpless and perfectly dependent upon the vine. The vine however, offers all it has to help the branches succeed. And so, in the parable, there we stand fully helpless and dependent while at the same time fully supplied by His fullness. If we do fully depend upon Him, the parable says we will bear much fruit.  
Andrew Murray encourages us to feel this way: "Jesus is indeed to me the true vine, bearing me, nourishing me, supplying me, using me, and filling me to the full to make me bring forth fruit abundantly. Then I will not fear to say, I am indeed a branch to Jesus the true vine, abiding in Him, resting on Him, waiting for Him, serving        

Him, and living only that through me He may show forth the riches of His grace and give His fruit to a perishing world." So, in relationship to Christ, being dependent is not only a good thing but an essential thing. Dependency glorifies God and it is the only way that fruit can be produced in our lives.    

If we will be dependent upon Him and join ourselves to Him, we can be sure that all the fullness and the fatness of the vine is ours. Indeed, all that the vine has is for the branches, that the branches might be fruitful. We are weak but He is strong. We are poor but He is rich. As we abide in Him and yield ourselves to Him, He promises that His grace is sufficient for every situation. If we will but believe that He is the true vine and we are the branches and abide in Him, our life will be one of abundant fruitfulness. This abiding. What exactly does it mean on our part? Again, Murray says this: "Abiding is nothing but the acceptance of my position, the consent to be kept there, the surrender of faith to the strong vine still to hold the feeble branch." It is indeed faith in the faithfulness of God and His promise to be our vine. So, as you go through this day, this week, and this month remember where your dependency lies. Remember the blessed dependency of the branch to the vine and the communion that takes place there. Remember how much it cost for this blessed experience to happen. Remember that joy can be found only in completely belong to Him! Remember also that there is a world in desperate need of fruit! The fruit of the spirit that your life will produce if you will abide in Him. Oh joyous dependency and union! Won't you abide in Him today?

In September Asha and Shayley, two of our teen leaders in training,  started teaching the pathfinders the digital photography honor.  They will be continuing this honor next month. We will be displaying some of the picture collages they are working on. Look for them next month on our bulletin board downstairs.  

We also participated in the Michigan Camporee weekend at Camp Au Sable for the weekend.  There were over 1,200 pathfinders in attendance.  It was a hot, spirit filled weekend. We enjoyed our speaker, Pastor Aron, and the time we were able to spend in nature with our friends.

Brad and Tracey Hall, Directors of the Battle Creek Pioneers
PATIENCE by Lorrie Rietman

Being a parent of small children is particularly draining at times. They can be such emotionally unstable creatures that it can be overwhelming. Just the other day, Lily was horsing around and took a bad tumble on her hand and wrist. She became absolutely hysterical and would not let me even look to see if she was really hurt. She cried and whined for well over an hour and just wanted to be held. Thankfully, her wrist seemed to be fine and not in pain but the mood lingered. She cried on and on again as she went to bed and then woke up about 2 hours later and cried and whined some more. In between there, Nathaniel had to be fed and put to bed. And in such crises, Daddy tried to help but of course only Mommy would do for both of them. I got nothing done that I wanted to do and was about to lose my mind! But these children are precious and thankfully there are plenty of sweet moments to keep me going. It sure can be difficult to be so NEEDED, though.   

What a blessing that God never tires of meeting our needs, emotional as well as physical. While we have limits; He has none. While we tire; He does not. While we lose our tempers; He is patient. While we get frustrated and annoyed; He only thinks kindly and compassionately toward us. We can come to Him in whatever state we are in and He will always receive us and minister to our hurts.   

"And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus" - Philippians 4:19

GOD AND MONEY - PART II Compiled by Chris VanderWaal from a Crown Financial Ministries Article
As we reviewed last month, just like there are several ways in which God uses money for our benefit, there are several areas in which God never uses money to influence our lives.  
  1. God never uses money to worry us. If Christians are worried, frustrated, and upset about money, God is not in control. God said that wealth without worry is His plan for our lives. In addition, He promises to meet the needs of those who trust in Him (see Matthew 6:25).
  2. God never uses money to corrupt us. Many Christians have fallen into Satan's trap and are being corrupted. Christians whose financial life is characterized by greed, ego, deceit, and other worldly snares are at enmity with God and His plan.
  3. God never uses money to build egos. Frequently, Christians are trapped by financial ego in that they use money in an attempt to build self-worth and ego. However, in Christ all are financially equal because all wealth will pass away. What will remain will be those things that have been laid up in heaven— the true wealth.
  4. God never allows money to satisfy our personal whims or desires. God does not expect His people to live in poverty; however, He also does not endorse lavishness. Surplus is provided so that God's work can be funded and those in need can be helped. If the surplus is hoarded or wasted on lavishness rather than used for His plan and purpose, chances are the surplus will be removed.  

God offers countless financial principles, intended to make our lives meaningful, because He's interested in us and how we earn and spend money.  

Once we understand how God uses money and why He chooses to use it in a particular way, we generally become more familiar with His plans and purposes for our lives and are able to recognize and comprehend His directives.

Battle Creek Community Services is sponsoring some fall classes that are open to the public between now and Dec 1.  These classes will take place at the Burma Center located at 765 Upton Ave.
  • ENGLISH CLASSES:  Tuesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
  • CROCHETING CLASSES:  Tuesdays from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • SEWING SPECIALTY BAGS and QUILTING PROJECTS: Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  
Rosetta Stone and Conversational English are also available and child care is provided!

The Revelation of Hope Evangelistic Series will be continuing through Oct 21st.  Please see the calendar for dates & times.  
This series is presented by Taj Pacleb who is the speaker/director of Revelation of Hope Ministries. Born and raised in the islands of Hawaii with no Christian background, Taj got involved in a reckless life of drugs and partying. His life was completely transformed at age 16 when he attended a Bible prophecy seminar. Since then, God has taken Taj around the world as an international evangelist and revivalist, conducting seminars in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Pacific Islands, and in the United States. Taj enjoys motocross, scuba diving, snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking, surfing, and photography. But, his supreme passion is traveling the world with his wife, Wati, sharing God's end time message of hope with others. Their mission is "to change the population of heaven one soul at a time by sharing the Hope, Health, and Harmony of Heaven in all the world."  

Church Website: Upgraded technology means quicker access to your favorite spots, which includes the Tabernacle's website.  Visit soon and see the new features: instant links to a live stream of the church service on YouTube, Kids Corner, the current Calendar of Events, the weekly Church bulletin, the monthly newsletter, and much more!  

Battle Creek Academy will be having a used book sale Nov 2 from 12 pm – 6:45 pm in the BCA lobby. Please bring all books to BCA between 8 am – 3:30 pm M-F.  No textbooks, encyclopedias or magazines please.  Call 9651278 if you have questions.  Thank you!  

Red Cross Blood Drive -  Sunday, November 19, 2017.  The blood drive will be held during the Health Expo.  More information about the location and time will be announced later.  Please mark the date on your calendar and plan now to donate blood.  

Nuggets from nature wanted.  Everything from pets to plants would be put to good use.  All items would be returned to you.  To be used for nursing home ministries throughout the year. Please call Sylvia Mullen at 979-2666 or Phyllis Essex at 275-5485 if you can help.  

SonSets Vespers - There will be no SonSets Vesper programs during the evangelistic series, since there will be meetings on Sabbath evenings. Enjoy the Unlock Revelation programs, and we'll see you again for SonSets on November 4!  

Bell Choir – If you are interested in playing in this year’s Tabernacle Bell Choir that performs at Christmas time, please call the church office at 968-8101.