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Battle Creek Adventist Community Center
     Director:  Shirley Finneman


Currently there are 50 shelters being set up all over Texas.  Supplies are needed.  The NAD ACS (Adventist Coummunity Services) office is being approached about running two warehouses in and near Houston. They will need teams of 5-7 persons who are willing to deploy for at least two weeks at a time.  Any donations should be directed to the Michigan Conference Disaster Response - Harvey. These donations will be used to distribute goods to Texas and also to restock goods.We have a formal request to send personal care kits and flood buckets to Texas.  Thanks you for your help in providing basic needs to these flood victims. We depend on our members greatly for donations during these time.

CLICK HERE for the Michigan Disaster Relief information and kit instructions.

The Battle Creek Tabernacle is sponsoring the Battle Creek Adventist Community Center located at 765 Upton Avenue, Springfield, Michigan.  The center serves the community, which includes our Mynmar friends.  

In addition to the community center, the Tabernacle hosts in the church complex facility for Sabbath School classes and worship service in the Zomi language.  

     The Sabbath School classes begin Sabbaths at 11:00 a.m. followed by worship service at 12:00 p.m.  

     The congregation is guided by Pastor Cin.  He lives in Grand Rapids and can be reached at (616) 520-8192.  The local church leader is Tuan Pau and he can be reached at (407) 782-7644.   

If you would like to be involved with a community project, please call the church office at 269-968-8101.

A Few Recent Projects:

1)  Sabbath School class increasing in numbers.

2)  Counting money collected for ingathering.

3)  Graduates from Adventist Community Center.


4)  Sewing class at Center.