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Additional Study Resources
Here is a link to get answers to those extremely difficult passages in the bible.
Biblical Research Institute

My Way to Jesus" is a NEW North American Division site, a series of 28 short 90 second videos that explore Seventh-day Adventist beliefs. Each video is presented by a church member who shares how the belief relates to real life, either through a story or concept that everyone, including those who are not religious, can relate to. The videos take our beliefs and make them deeply personal. Since each video focuses on one of the "28 Fundamental Beliefs," they provide a good way to reach and teach new believers

Have you ever wondered where a certain bible verse was but the location just won't come to mind? If you know several words in the verse this resource finds it for you within seconds. There are several bible versions to chose from. This web-site although not sponsored by the Seventh -day Adventist Church  is an excellent tool for Bible Study.  Bible Gateway

Why are Adventists so interested in books and articles by Ellen White. You've heard something about her but want to see for yourself what she wrote. Here is a data base fully search-able that contains all of her published writings. Search by words or topics. Ellen G. White Estate

While searching the web you have found criticism of Ellen White. There are many accusations, and it is not surprising that there are elements that want to keep you from knowing the truth about this Christian author whose  inspired writings have made the bible clear to so many.

Are you looking for real in depth discussion of bible and faith based subjects then do not pass this site up. Be sure to click on the material about Darwin's Dilemma. Visit THE EVIDENCE..

Training center for laypersons interested in a personal involvement in evangelism This is Michigan based. The Emmanuel Institude Of Evangelism.

How well do you understand the 28 Fundemental Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This site in a quiz format challenges your knowledge. You must get a 100% to pass. Don't worry, they give you a bible verse to look up so that you can find the correct answer.

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