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Why Battle Creek Academy?

Why You Should Send Your Child to Battle Creek Academy

As was once said, knowledge without character is an incomplete education. At Battle Creek Academy (BCA) we are rooted in the belief that a Christian school is meant to be an extension of the family. For more than 135 years our mission remains: To train young people in grades K-12 to know Jesus Christ while providing excellence in education.
Dedicated teachers and administrators help students at BCA learn and apply fundamental values such as honesty, responsibility, fairness and kindness.   The moral fiber needed for a Christ-centered life is not the only benefit of a private, Christian school. Formal education also benefits through smaller class sizes and lower teacher-to-student ratios. With increased access to instructors, personalized attention and individually tailored resources it is not surprising that our students score, on average, 1 1/2-2 years ahead of their grade levels on national standardized tests.
To support academic learning two libraries and two computer labs are frequently used.   A large gift recently made upgrades for the H.S. library a reality: An electronic learning center with new downview computer desks, large-screen monitors and up-to-date computers now allows students to access research materials for their studies and provides the means to work on their homework while at school. By year-end an expanded on line, electronic access to include reference materials offered through local libraries and the University of Michigan is anticipated. 

Additional academic experiences include an accelerated instrumental arts curriculum, a variety of off campus learning experiences and an active after school community Christian athletic program that involves students of any ability. As students learn in a safe, non-threatening environment teachers diligently imbed God's word in their hearts so they might be able to stand strong in the future as they head down the path of success and lifelong education. 

Are you searching for a school that promotes traditional values and seeks to develop well-balanced children who can face both the moral and intellectual challenges of our society? If so, Battle Creek Academy is for you! 
* Additional information on these programs may be found on the Academy’s website at 
Hands on in science lab                         BCA band taking part in Worship service

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