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Bible Study Helps and Lessons
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Are you looking for answers to life's questions? Do you want to know what the Bible says about a certain subject or issue? Search for yourself what the bible says. These are useful tools regardless of what denomination that you belong to or even if you do not attend a church. Feel free to study as long as you wish and return as often as you want.

Here are some resources that will help in your life journey.

Common questions

Have you ever  wondered why some Christians attend church on Saturdays while most go on Sunday. Here is an excellent resource that answers all of those questions that you have had, or heard or seen elsewhere on the web. What does the Bible really say. There is also a video presented by pastor Doug Batchelor that brings to light answers from scripture.

In the world today is a great deal of confusion about what happens at death. The beliefs of people is so varied that most have no clear cut idea of what occurs. It is estimated that in the U.S. that about 70 million people belief that we can communicate with the dead. Is there any danger in that. Is it likely that most people are influenced by Hollywood and the publishing industry? The proliferation of television shows, movies, books and magazines bring these influences into our lives regardless of how much we try to avoid them.  Avoid the snares from the enemy of souls and turn to the Bible to learn what is truth and avoid what can actually bring you eternal harm. Here is a site that explores this subject in detail and points you to the Bible. You will find that the truth is much more comforting than what the world offers. Click to learn more about The Truth about Death.

Many people have been taught that the lost will be burned in hell, forever and ever without end. How can you reconcile a loving God with the teaching that he would torture his children that turned away from Him. Well meaning pastors have even perpetuated this teaching believing that people 'need to be frightened' into church. Is this teaching from God or is there something more sinister behind it. What does the bible really say. Click to learn more on

What is heaven really like. Is it a real place or some wispy existence where you float on clouds and play harps.Will there be real things to do or is it a dreamlike existence. There are many different beliefs, many of which paint a pretty dull picture. Fortunately, the Bible has better  description.One that you can live with.
Is Heaven 4 Real.

Click for FREE Amazing Facts sharing books on a number of Bible subjects.

Have you ever wondered what our Heavenly Father is really like. In this word where family relationships are often distorted it is easy to lose knowing what a father's role is meant to be. It is not surprising that Heavenly Father is not understood and many false ideas are perpetuated. Dr. Erickson has shared some materials from his book with the hope of restoring a truer picture of Heavenly Father. Click here for "Fresh Glimpses of the EMbrace of God". 


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