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Tab-A-Letter On-Line Edition
July 2014 Newsletter

Work and Pray Together
Camp meeting takes a lot of preparation.  Everyone enjoys giving a helping hand in making the campus look good even down to the little things. Children love to help with cleaning in the morning followed by play in the afternoon.  In order to accomplish as much as we did, it all began with a devotional and prayer. Philippians 4:13 states “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”
Twelve new cottages were being built before and during camp pitch. Finishing touches like siding, roofing, bunk beds, queen size bed, counters and with the help of many talented women who made curtains for all the windows and decorated the table and chairs. It was sort of a muddy mess around these new cottages, but when the campers arrived, they all had green around them which was carpet.
Camp was truly a blessing this year with many new seminars, like Coming Out Ministries, from sin to Christ, Wilderness Living in the End Times, Elders Leading the Church in 2014, and Pioneers of the Adventist Church, to name a few.  I hope you can make Camp Meeting next year, if Jesus hasn’t come yet.  Date is June 12-20, 2015.                          Vicki Skinner, Bible Worker
Yo Youth from David Tenold
The farmer began driving the wooden stake into the ground at the end of his driveway.  Attached to it was a sign that read, puppies for sale.  With only one more strike of the hammer to finish the job, the farmer felt a gentle tug on his faded overalls.  Looking down, his eyes caught sight of a little boy.  “Can I help you,” he said. “Yeah, I’d like to buy one of your puppies,” came the reply.  “I don’t mean to discourage you son, but these puppies are very expensive.”  Upon hearing these words, the little boy reached into his pocket.  Slowly he pulled out his hand and opened up his fingers.  Lying in the palm of his hand was a quarter, a dime and two pennies.  “Sir, can I please look at your puppies?”  The farmer placed two fingers to his lips and let out a loud whistle.  From around the corner of the farm house, Dolly came running with four adorable puppies right behind her. The boy excitedly pushed his face through a space in the picket fence and stared at the puppies.  About 10 seconds later, the runt of the litter rounded the corner and came wobbling in the direction of the other puppies.  The boy cried out, “That’s the one I want.”  Kneeling down on the ground, the farmer looked into the face of the little boy and said, “You don’t want that puppy.  He has a deformed back leg. That’s why he sways back and forth when he runs.”  At once the boy reached down and pulled up one of his pant legs.  Attached to a special shoe where two metal rods that extended past his knee.  “Sir," the little boy said, "that dog will need someone who truly understands his struggles.”

At the heart of the gospel message, that is to go to the entire world before the return of Christ, is the glorious truth that Jesus came in the “likeness of sinful flesh” (Romans 8:3).   Our Savior assumed our humanity so He could understand our trials and temptations (Hebrews 4:15).  In taking upon Himself the genetic weaknesses of fallen man, Jesus, through experience, understands our frailties (Romans 1:3).  He knows firsthand about the battles we fight every day.  As our sympathetic High Priest, who pleads His shed blood on our behalf, Jesus invites us to come boldly before His throne of grace.  At His throne is where we can expect to find mercy and help in our time of need.  My friends, Jesus loves you and will help you with the challenges you face in your life.  He knows your battles.  And He understands your weaknesses.  Won’t you approach His throne today with boldness and confidence?  He’s there for you!
 Oak Hill Cemetery Flags
Every year, just before Memorial Day in May, the Oak Hill Cemetery in Battle Creek place small United States flags beside the tombstone of people who served in the military.  Beginning this year, members of the Tabernacle volunteered to be missionaries and collect these flags and return them to the cemetery office. 
There are other flags in the cemetery, one of which is the “Footprints of the Pioneers” flags, which is placed by tombstones of founders and early Adventist pioneers.  One tombstone with a “Footprints of the Pioneers” flag belongs to Joseph Green, son of Luther and Julia Green (early Wisconsin Adventists).  Joseph was an engraver at the Review and Herald Publishing House in Battle Creek, who married Cleora Hall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Hall, he being a business manger and steward at the Battle Creek Sanitarium.
In 1896, Joseph and Cleora were assigned as missionaries to Tahiti in the South Pacific.  They sailed on the 5th voyage of the ship “Pitcairn” to Pitcairn Island for a short stop before going to their destination of Tahiti.  At Tahiti, Joseph set up a small printing shop and Cleora gave Bible studies.
The shorten story is that Joseph died and his funeral has held in the Dime Tabernacle just four days before it was destroyed by fire in 1922.  He rests in lot 309 near the James and Ellen White’s family plot, where a special flag was placed.                                                                                                                                                                   Joyce Stoltz
Church Family News
OUR SYMPATHIES go to the families of three individuals who attended the Tabernacle: 
Thomas S. Andersen (husband of Tippi) died on May 29 (their wedding anniversary).  He was 90 years old and a member of the Tabernacle since 1940. 
James Epperly, husband to the deceased Elizabeth, the sister to Doris Reichert, died on May 30 at the age of 88.  He and his wife were members of the Gobles SDA Church, but had lived in Battle Creek and attended the Tabernacle. 
Joan (Meadows-Kendall) Hopkins died on June 18 at the age of 70.  She had attended Battle Creek Academy and was a Tabernacle member since 1974. 

THE ADVENT MOVEMENT once again will be affecting the Tabernacle members.  Pastor David Tenold and his wife have accepted a call to the Rocky Mountain Conference.  They will be living in Durango, Colorado and pastoring the churches in Durango, Colorado and Aztec, New Mexico.  His farewell sermon will be at the Tabernacle July 26.
July 1 - Officer's Lists
First, thank you so much to those of you who are continuing on as church officer's for an additional year.  You are much appreciated!  A full list of current officers can be picked up in the lobby of the church for those who would like an updated sheet.
The following are new individuals who have stepped in to fill an office that was vacated or where there was a need for one reason or another to find a replacement for that position for this next year.  A big thank you to each of you as well!
New Church Ministry Positions
Assistant church clerk, office assistant:  Linda Jerzyk, BCA Board member (3 year term):  Mark Penrod, Greeter Coordinator:  Philip and Phyllis Essex, Lay Advisory Representative:  Brian Metcalf , Assistant Head Deacon:  George Robirds; Money Counters:  Ruth Burns, Donna Gwynne, Sandra Hassenzahl, Laurella Poulson; Prayer Chain, Assistant:  Gayla Metzger; Quiet Bags, chairperson:  Laurel Thwaites; Kindergarten Chairperson:  Karon Davis; Junior Deacons:  Matthew Headley, Brian Headley
4 Land Mines to Avoid If Your Parents Have Money Struggles
(from Dave Ramsey)
If you’ve never been in this situation, we hope you’ll never have to experience it: having to talk with your parents when you realize they’re in a bad money situation.  But as tough a situation as that might be, it’s still a reality that you may be caught in the middle of.
Before you make any quick decisions, decide that you (and your spouse) will not do these four things during this potentially tricky situation.
1. Don’t offer your opinion if you haven’t been asked.
2. Don’t enable them to continue a bad pattern.  If your parents keep racking up debt on credit cards, don’t give them money so they can turn around and pay off that debt to free up more credit. That doesn’t get to the root of the problem or change behaviors over time.
3. Don’t let helping your parents become a stumbling block in your own marriage.  We never would tell you to loan money to family, because you’ll add a layer of unneeded awkwardness to your relationship. Give to them if you’re able and willing.
4. Don’t fall victim to a guilt trip.  Sometimes, parents can remind you of everything they did for you when you were a kid. But there’s the difference: You were a kid.
May 31, 2014 statement totals:
Revenues:  $21,353.63; Expenses:  $27,585.73
resulting in a loss of $6,232.10
Year-to-date as of May 31, 2014: 
Revenues:  $280,724.84, Expenses:  $301,673.33
giving a loss of $20,945.49

Eternal Reminder 
When I reach the end of my days, a moment or two from now,
I must look backward on something more meaningful
than the pursuit of houses and land and stocks and bonds.
I will consider my earthly existence to have been wasted
unless I can recall a loving family, a consistent investment
in the lives of people, and an earnest attempt to serve
the God who made me.  Nothing else makes much sense.
James Dobson
MINISTRIES LIST:  A completed list of the Tabernacle’s ministries for July 2014 through June 2015 is available in the church office and on the credenza in the church’s foyer.
WEDNESDAY MORNING Bible study and prayer meeting, will conclude their “through the Bible” study on July 9.  Then the meetings Wednesday morning will be suspended during the summer months.  Unlocking Prophecy study will continue Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. in the Seminar Room with Pastor Pastrana.   
BATTLE CREEK ACADEMY staffing changes for the new school year include, Brittany Depas not continuing as the 7th and 8th grade teacher, Phyllis Essex completely retiring, and Wayne Johnson semi-retiring and changing to part-time status.  The new 7th and 8th grade teacher will be Kelsea Knecht Allen.
FAITH AND SECURITY:  The role of religion in a police state, Published in the May/June 2014 Liberty Magazine by John W. Whitehead:  Based on what I know of our present circumstances, coupled with what I have studied about past regimes, the outlook does not look good. Already Christians and other religious individuals are finding themselves jailed and fined for holding Bible studies and church meetings in their homes and backyards. Others are being prosecuted for daring to help those less fortunate, by feeding the poor and housing the homeless. Still others are being criticized for daring to stick to their religious principles and resist government attempts to track their whereabouts by way of surveillance and tracking devices. All the while individual Christians are being prosecuted for standing up for their religious beliefs.  Few are finding themselves supported by their churches or larger religious institutions…
I have long warned that all freedoms hang together. If free speech goes; if due process goes; if the rights to bear arms and assemble and be secure in your homes and free from unreasonable searches and seizures go—then religious freedom will be extinguished alongside them. Even so, the question is not what will happen to religious freedom if America becomes a police state, but will religious institutions actually stand and fight for freedom or will they be complicit in our downfall?...
In police states the religious institutions that praise, embolden, and fund the state are elevated. Those that resist, that reject the supremacy of the state and follow in the footsteps of Christ, are punished and driven underground. Despite the high personal costs, Americans, Christian or otherwise, must resist the temptation to celebrate and exercise state power, regardless of their good intentions. The moral life cannot be truly expressed through ballot boxes and pulpits, but rather requires individual, daily actions that bring about a more just and equitable society….
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