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The Masters Men
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The Masters Men
 A complilation of the sermon series on the disciples of Jesus presented by Pastor Bruce Moore .

Peter                                                   Bartholomew (Nathanael) 

James                                                  Matthew                         

John                                                    James (son of Alphaeus)   

Andrew                                                Simon (the Zealot)          

Philip                                                   Judas                              

Thomas                                               Thaddaeus                                             

The Disciple Lists

Mark 3:14-19 Luke 6:13-16 Matthew 10:2-4 Acts 1:13, 26
Simon Peter Simon Peter Simon Peter Peter
James, son of Zebedee Andrew Andrew James
John,brother of James James James,son of Zebedee John
Andrew John John Andrew
Philip Philip Philip Philip
Bartholomew Bartolomew (Nathanael Bartholomew Thomas
Matthew Matthew Thomas Bartholomew(Nathanael)
Thomas Thomas Matthew Matthew
James,son of Alphaeus James,son of Alphaeus James,son of Alphaeus James,son of Alphaeus
Thaddaeus Simon, the Zealot Lebbaeus Thaddaeus Simon the Zealot
Simon the Canaanite Judas,Son of James Simon the Canaanite Judas,son of James
Judas Iscariot Judas Iscariot Judas Iscariot (Matthias)

Are you having a hard time understanding these names ?  Then listen to the above 12 sermons and see if  any of this is made clearer. People today are not the only ones that are known by different names by other people.