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3ABN 25th Anniversary Special
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3ABN 25th Anniversary Special


The  3ABN year long celebration of its 25th Anniversary began at historic Battle Creek. The three day program brought speakers Jim Gilley, John Lomacang, C.A. Murray, Jim Nix, 3ABN founder Danny Shelton, and many others.   Eleven new songs were introduced by songwriter and perforrmer David Huntsinger along with Kristin Wilkinson. A touching testimony and history of the founding of the Three Angels Broadcasting Network   was given by Danny Shelton.
Early sabbath morning presentation was given by John Lomacang.
The Sabbath morning sermon was given by Jim Gilley titled "A Hill Worth Dying On".
A complete video presentation  containing the complete 3 day program can be obtained from 3ABN  that was aired life from the Battle Creek Tabernacle.

Danny Shelton,John Lomacang,Jim Gilley and C.A. Murray.                        Danny Shelton    

Pastor and President of 3ABN Jim Gilley                                                                          The Battle Creek Academy Band led by Michelle Stark

                                                                                                                  Adventist Heritage President Jim Nix