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These are sermons that have been presented at the Battle Creek Tabernacle by the Church Pastors or guest speakers. Along with recent sermons you will find some older sermons that should not be missed. If you are trying to download by right clicking and it does not work go to the XML page (top left corner) and download from there. On some computers you can also download while the sermon is playing by going to your file command in the Media Player and then to Save as.

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Mercies in DisguiseMercies in DisguisePastor Rob Benardo, Aug 12, 2017
Do I Know You ?Do I Know You ?Nicole Bertelli, Aug 5, 2017
God Is JustGod Is JustPastor Danny Rodriquez, Jul 1, 2017
Extreme ForgivenessExtreme ForgivenessKelly Lorencin, Jul 15, 2017
God Is HolyGod Is HolyPastor Rob Benardo, Jul 29, 2017
Livestream SermonLivestream SermonJohn Bradshaw, Jun 24, 2017
God Is HumbleGod Is HumblePastor Rob Benardo, Jun 3, 2017
BCA GraduationBCA GraduationHeather Day, May 27, 2017
God Is PowerfulGod Is PowerfulPastor Rob Benardo, May 20, 2017
WeWe're Only HumanJim Wood, May 13, 2017
God Is God Is Lloyd Erickson, May 6, 2017
Daniels Time of the EndDaniels Time of the EndPastor Rob Benardo, Apr 1, 2017
Abiding in ChristAbiding in ChristPastor Bayani Pastrana, Mar 11, 2017
God Is LoveGod Is LovePastor Rob Benardo, Apr 15, 2017
BCA Alumni WeekendBCA Alumni WeekendKevin Kossick, Apr 29, 2017
A Great Sign for Great SinnersA Great Sign for Great SinnersPastor Rob Benardo, Mar 25, 2017
What led many Christians to Worship on Sunday Instead of the Bible SabbathWhat led many Christians to Worship on Sunday Instead of the Bible SabbathGerard Damsteegt, Mar 18, 2017
The Prince of Promise pt 2The Prince of Promise pt 2Pastor Rob Benardo, Mar 4, 2017
The Prince of PromiseThe Prince of PromisePastor Rob Benardo, Feb 25, 2017
Time of the EndTime of the EndPastor Rob Benardo, Feb 18, 2017
The Rest of the StoryThe Rest of the StoryPastor Rob Benardo, Feb 4, 2017
Justification by Faith and Liberty of ConscienceJustification by Faith and Liberty of ConscienceJerry Finneman, Jan 7, 2017
Make RoomMake RoomPastor Rob Benardo, Dec 31, 2016
The MagnificatThe MagnificatPastor Rob Benardo, Dec 24, 2016
Good News For All the PeopleGood News For All the PeoplePastor Rob Benardo, Dec 17, 2016
When Close WasnWhen Close Wasn't Close EnoughPastor Rob Benardo, Dec 3, 2016
What Are You Thankful ForWhat Are You Thankful ForPastor Bayani Pastrana, Nov 26, 2016
Give ThanksGive ThanksTabernacle Church Members, Nov 19, 2016
Why Does the Battle Creek Tabernacle ExcistWhy Does the Battle Creek Tabernacle ExcistRussell Burrill, Nov 12, 2016
The Day of AtonementThe Day of AtonementPastor Rob Benardo, Nov 5, 2016
A Prophesy for Our TimeA Prophesy for Our TimePastor Rob Benardo, Oct 29, 2016
The Three Temptations of ChristThe Three Temptations of ChristPastor Ted Struntz, Oct 22, 2016
Successfully Wash Away Your PastSuccessfully Wash Away Your PastPastor Ted Struntz, Oct 15, 2016
Attraction, Distraction, Asleep, Now Awake on the JourneyAttraction, Distraction, Asleep, Now Awake on the JourneyPastor Ted Struntz, Oct 8, 2016
Divine Timing and a SaviorDivine Timing and a SaviorPastor Rob Benardo, Oct 1, 2016
The Life Testimony of Magda BrownThe Life Testimony of Magda BrownMagda Brown, Sep 24, 2016
Our Great InvestmentOur Great InvestmentBattle Creek Academy Students and Staff, Sep 17, 2016
Shofar So GoodShofar So GoodPastor Bayani Pastrana, Sep 10, 2016
Cover MeCover MePastor Rob Benardo, Sep 3, 2016
The Divine Time for the SaviorThe Divine Time for the SaviorPastor Rob Benardo, Aug 27, 2016
The Glory of God and PrayerThe Glory of God and PrayerPastor Rob Benardo, Aug 20, 2016
Ambassadors of ReconciliationAmbassadors of ReconciliationPastor Ted Struntz, Aug 13, 2016
The War Against GodThe War Against GodPastor Rob Benardo, Aug 6, 2016
Oh God, Please be My JudgeOh God, Please be My JudgePastor Rob Benardo, Jul 30, 2016
Tell it to Every Tongue and PeopleTell it to Every Tongue and PeopleShirley and Jerry Finneman, Jul 2, 2016
BCA Baccalaureate AddressBCA Baccalaureate AddressGreg Jones, May 28, 2016
The Beauty Of HolinessThe Beauty Of HolinessPastor Rob Benardo, Aug 11, 2016
Shots Fired, Officer DownShots Fired, Officer DownPastor Rob Benardo, Jul 23, 2016
The Kingdom in YouThe Kingdom in YouPastor Rob Benardo, Jul 9, 2016
Every day is Fathers DayEvery day is Fathers DayBruce Hyde, Jun 25, 2016
The Judgement of HimThe Judgement of HimPastor Rob Benardo, Aug 11, 2016
SearchingSearchingElder Thomas Candy, Jun 18, 2016
Because They Have Taken Away My LordBecause They Have Taken Away My LordElder Thomas Headley, Jun 11, 2016
The Seven Sayings of the CrossThe Seven Sayings of the CrossPastor Rob Benardo, Jun 4, 2016
Signed, Sealed and DeliveredSigned, Sealed and DeliveredPastor Rob Benardo, May 21, 2016
The Hand of GodThe Hand of GodPastor Rob Benardo, May 14, 2016
The Gift of GodThe Gift of GodSharon Pergerson, May 7, 2016
BCA Alumni  Weekend 2016BCA Alumni Weekend 2016Eric Anderson, Apr 30, 2016
SovereignSovereignPastor Rob Benardo, Apr 23, 2016
 The Man of Peace The Man of PeacePastor Rob Benardo, Oct 10, 2015
Have You Found the Precious Pearl ?Have You Found the Precious Pearl ?Jenks Brutus, Apr 2, 2016
There is a God in Heaven-TheStone KingdomThere is a God in Heaven-TheStone KingdomPastor Rob Benardo, Mar 19, 2016
There Is A God In Heaven-The God of the DreamThere Is A God In Heaven-The God of the DreamPastor Rob Benardo, Mar 12, 2016
Without a DoubtWithout a DoubtPastor Rob Benardo, Mar 5, 2016
The Everlasting GospelThe Everlasting GospelJenks Brutus, Feb 27, 2016
Enough is EnoughEnough is EnoughPastor Rob Benardo, Feb 20, 2016
Daniel,a Shining LightDaniel,a Shining LightPastor Rob Benardo, Feb 13, 2016
The Extravagent Risk of the CrossThe Extravagent Risk of the CrossCharles Rietman, Jan 30, 2016
The Peace that the World Cannot UnderstandThe Peace that the World Cannot UnderstandPastor Bayani Pastrana, Jan 23, 2016
Christianity and MoneyChristianity and MoneyPastor Rob Benardo, Jan 16, 2016
Total Member InvolvementTotal Member InvolvementKamil Metz, Jan 9, 2016
Extravagant LoveExtravagant LoveLloyd Erickson, Jan 2, 2016
Grace Came DownGrace Came DownPastor Rob Benardo, Dec 19, 2015
Christmas SermonChristmas SermonPastor Rob Benardo, Dec 12, 2015
Lazarus and the Rich ManLazarus and the Rich ManPastor Rob Benardo, Dec 5, 2015
Christ Our RighteousnessChrist Our RighteousnessEvens Francois, Nov 21, 2015
The Everlasting GospelThe Everlasting GospelEvens Francois, Nov 14, 2015
The Judgement of GodThe Judgement of GodPastor Rob Benardo, Oct 31, 2015
What Abraham FoundWhat Abraham FoundEvens Francois, Oct 24, 2015
The Worthy WalkThe Worthy WalkPastor Rob Benardo, Sep 26, 2015
Standing Though the Heavens FallStanding Though the Heavens FallPastor Rob Benardo, Sep 19, 2015
Three ResurrectionsThree ResurrectionsPastor Rob Benardo, Sep 12, 2015
A Knowledge of HimA Knowledge of HimPastor Rob Benardo, Sep 5, 2015
What You Were Meant To Be-Worth it all pt2What You Were Meant To Be-Worth it all pt2Pastor Rob Benardo, Sep 5, 2015
Remembering Will PergersonRemembering Will PergersonPastors Benardo + Finneman, Aug 29, 2015
To the Praise of His Glory-Worth It AllTo the Praise of His Glory-Worth It AllPastor Rob Benardo, Aug 15, 2015
Fringe MedicineFringe MedicineBill Snider, Aug 1, 2015
The Prodigal FatherThe Prodigal FatherPastor Rob Benardo, Jul 25, 2015
Communion HomilyCommunion HomilyPastor Rob Benardo, Jul 18, 2015
Zacchaeus, Today I must Abide at Your HouseZacchaeus, Today I must Abide at Your HouseElder Thomas Candy, Jul 11, 2015
In the Grip of GodIn the Grip of GodPastor Rob Benardo, May 16, 2015
A Prayer for the RemnantA Prayer for the RemnantPastor Rob Benardo, Jul 4, 2015
First Fruits of your IncreaseFirst Fruits of your IncreaseBrian Porter, Jun 13, 2015
Who Will Take The SonWho Will Take The SonPastor Rob Benardo, Jun 6, 2015
He has Asked for YouHe has Asked for YouBrian Porter, May 2, 2015
I AmI AmPastor Rob Benardo, Apr 18, 2015
BCA Alumni WeekendBCA Alumni WeekendGary Thurber, Apr 25, 2015
Out of this WorldOut of this WorldPastor Rob Benardo, Apr 11, 2015
By Faith Alone, Even for MuslimsBy Faith Alone, Even for MuslimsStephen Dickie, Apr 4, 2015
A Special OfferingA Special OfferingPastor Rob Benardo, Mar 28, 2015
The Acceptable YearThe Acceptable YearWill Pergerson, Mar 21, 2015
Never AloneNever AlonePastor Rob Benardo, Mar 14, 2015
When God Comes CallingWhen God Comes CallingTeresa Reeve, Mar 7, 2015
GodGod's Memorial of Grace and RestPastor Jerry Finneman, Feb 28, 2015
Nothing to FearNothing to FearPastor Rob Benardo, Feb 21, 2015
Forgiven MuchForgiven MuchPastor Rob Benardo, Feb 14, 2015
II'll Be Good, I PromisePastor Rob Benardo, Feb 7, 2015
The Blind Leading the BlindThe Blind Leading the BlindPastor Rob Benardo, Jan 31, 2015
When God Said ForgetWhen God Said ForgetPastor Rob Benardo, Jan 24, 2015
Beyond the LoavesBeyond the LoavesPastor Bayani Pastrana, Jan 17, 2015
Espoused to ChristEspoused to ChristPastor Bayani Pastrana, Jan 10, 2015
Whose Enemy am IWhose Enemy am IElder Brian Metcalf, Jan 3, 2015
The Faith of JesusThe Faith of JesusGerald Finneman, Dec 27, 2014
Emmanuel,God With UsEmmanuel,God With UsPastor Bayani Pastrana, Dec 20, 2014
Conversion of a ThiefConversion of a ThiefPastor Bayani Pastrana, Nov 29, 2014
Fire in the BellyFire in the BellyWilliam Snider, Nov 1, 2014
They First Gave Themselves to the LordThey First Gave Themselves to the LordPastor Bayani Pastrana, Nov 8, 2014
Messiahs and MenMessiahs and MenTony Moore, Oct 25, 2014
An Unexpected SurpriseAn Unexpected SurpriseTony Moore, Oct 18, 2014
Exit the DragonExit the DragonPastor Bayani Pastrana, Aug 23, 2014
Proclaiming the Lords DeathProclaiming the Lords DeathPastor Bayani Pastrana, Oct 11, 2014
Rise Upand WalkRise Upand WalkSam Ngala, Oct 4, 2014
Teach Us to Count Our DaysTeach Us to Count Our DaysPastor Fernando Ortiz, Sep 27, 2014
Diligence in Teaching a ChildDiligence in Teaching a ChildPastor Bayani Pastrana, Sep 6, 2014
I Know Thy WorksI Know Thy WorksPastor Bayani Pastrana, Aug 30, 2014
It Was a Dark  and Stormy NightIt Was a Dark and Stormy NightElder Thomas Headley, Aug 16, 2014
The Worthship of GodThe Worthship of GodPastor Bayani Pastrana, Aug 9, 2014
Strength During the Low TimesStrength During the Low TimesPastor Bayani Pastrana, Aug 2, 2014
AbidingAbidingElder Thomas Candy, Jun 14, 2014
The Doctor and His MedicineThe Doctor and His MedicinePastor David Tenold, Jul 26, 2014
Sermons or BalladsSermons or BalladsPastor Bayani Pastrana, Jul 19, 2014
The ImpossiblesThe ImpossiblesElder Aubrey Porter, Jul 12, 2014
On Higher GroundOn Higher GroundBayani Pastrana, Jul 5, 2014
BCA Alumni sermon 2014BCA Alumni sermon 2014Carol Thomsen, Apr 26, 2014
Gods Hand in Our TimeGods Hand in Our TimePastor Bruce Moore, Apr 20, 2014
Messenger of the Lord:The Human Side pt1Messenger of the Lord:The Human Side pt1Pastor Bruce Moore, Apr 12, 2014
Burried TreasureBurried TreasureWilliam Perguson, Apr 5, 2014
After the Example of Our LordAfter the Example of Our LordPastor Bruce Moore, Mar 29, 2014
The Blessing of SilenceThe Blessing of SilencePastor Bruce Moore, Mar 22, 2014
At The Head of the WorkAt The Head of the WorkPastor Bruce Moore, Mar 15, 2014
You Gave Me no KissYou Gave Me no KissPastor Bayani Pastrana, Mar 8, 2014
Men with a MessageMen with a MessagePastor Bruce Moore, Feb 22, 2014
NeverthelessNeverthelessPastor Bruce Moore, Feb 15, 2014
The Day of Beginning AgainThe Day of Beginning AgainPastor Bruce Moore, Jan 4, 2014
How do I know what Jesus would doHow do I know what Jesus would doPastor Bruce Moore, Dec 28, 2013
The Incarnation: GodThe Incarnation: God's Gift to ManPastor Bruce Moore with Alex VanHoose, Dec 21, 2013
The Midnight CryThe Midnight CryPastor Bruce Moore, Dec 7, 2013
Confident and UnashamedConfident and UnashamedPastor Bayani Pastrana, Sep 7, 2013
More than Half a WitnessMore than Half a WitnessPastor Bruce Moore, Aug 10, 2013
All In To WinAll In To WinTaurus Montgomery, Feb 8, 2014
The Story of Early Adventist ChurchThe Story of Early Adventist ChurchPastor Bruce Moore, Feb 1, 2014
Which Lion is your KingWhich Lion is your KingPastor Bayani Pastrana, Jan 25, 2014
A Vision RenewedA Vision RenewedPastor Bruce Moore, Jan 18, 2014
Give ThanksGive ThanksPastor Bayani Pastrana, Nov 30, 2013
Provendential BeginningsProvendential BeginningsPastor Bruce Moore, Nov 16, 2013
The Generation Which Knew Not The LordThe Generation Which Knew Not The LordPastor Bayani Pastrana, Nov 9, 2013
Truth Left BehindTruth Left BehindPastor Bayani Pastrana, Sep 28, 2013
Spread The WordSpread The WordPastor Bruce Moore, Sep 14, 2013
Where Does It GoWhere Does It GoPastor Bruce Moore, Aug 31, 2013
How To Discourage  the DevilHow To Discourage the DevilPastor Bruce Moore, Jul 13, 2013
Rewards Of A MissionRewards Of A MissionErickson Family, May 18, 2013
Pursuit of KnowledgePursuit of KnowledgeRobert DeForest, Apr 27, 2013
DonDon't Forget The Journey AheadPastor Ted Wilson, Jul 14, 2015
The Greatest Victory Ever WonThe Greatest Victory Ever WonPastor Bruce Moore, Mar 30, 2013
He Died  for All,IHe Died for All,I'll Live for HimDonnie Latour & Alex Van Hoose, Mar 9, 2013
Right with GodRight with GodPastor Bruce Moore, Feb 23, 2013
A Vision of GodA Vision of GodPastor Bruce Moore, Feb 16, 2013
Now ThatNow That's TemptingPastor Bruce Moore, Jan 19, 2013
Here I am,Send AaronHere I am,Send AaronPastor Bayani Pastrana, Jan 12, 2013
He DidnHe Didn't Have to....!Pastor Leroy Bruch, Dec 1, 2012
The Singing SaviorThe Singing SaviorJerry Finneman, Nov 10, 2012
A Lingering FragranceA Lingering FragranceTy Gibson, Oct 20, 2012
GrandparentsGrandparentsPastor Bruce Moore, Sep 8, 2012
The Mesasage Of Job part 2The Mesasage Of Job part 2Pastor Bruce Moore, Aug 11, 2012
The Message Of JobThe Message Of JobPastor Bruce Moore, Aug 4, 2012
Prodigal Son, Prodigal Wife, Prodigal Us Prodigal Son, Prodigal Wife, Prodigal Us Pastor Bayani Pastrana, Jul 28, 2012
Islam And The Two AdamsIslam And The Two AdamsPastor David Tenold, Aug 25, 2012
What If It Were TodayWhat If It Were TodayPastor Bruce Moore, Jul 21, 2012
What Farmers Tell Us about the Return of JesusWhat Farmers Tell Us about the Return of JesusHerbert Douglas, Jul 7, 2012
BCA Alumni WeekendBCA Alumni WeekendDick Tibbits, Apr 28, 2012
See My HandsSee My HandsPastor Bruce Moore, Mar 24, 2012
It All Starts With GodIt All Starts With GodPastor Bruce Moore, Mar 17, 2012
A Wonderful GiftA Wonderful GiftPastor David Tenold, Feb 25, 2012
In Search Of The Lamb Of GodIn Search Of The Lamb Of GodWilliam Snider, Jun 16, 2012
Hot PursuitHot PursuitPastor Bayani Pastrana, Jun 2, 2012
Jesus Is Worth Any SacrificeJesus Is Worth Any SacrificePastor Ken Micheff, Mar 10, 2012
Whatsoever Things Are LovelyWhatsoever Things Are LovelyPastor Doug Carlson, Apr 14, 2012
Leave A LegacyLeave A LegacyPastor Bruce Moore, May 12, 2012
Mission Trip To Dominican RepublicMission Trip To Dominican RepublicPastor Tenold and participants, May 5, 2012
A  God StoryA God StoryYami Brazen, Mar 31, 2012
An Encounter With GodAn Encounter With GodPastor Bruce Moore, Jan 28, 2012
Isaiah 40: A Message For Our TimeIsaiah 40: A Message For Our TimePastor Doug Carlson, Jun 25, 2012
This Generation Matthew 24:34This Generation Matthew 24:34Pastor Doug Carlson, Jan 21, 2012
Pray For RainPray For RainPastor Bruce Moore, Jan 7, 2012
8 Life Transforming Secrets8 Life Transforming SecretsPastor Dan Towar, Aug 6, 2011
The Wrapped GiftThe Wrapped GiftPastor Jim Micheff, Dec 18, 2010
Partners With GodPartners With GodPastor Ted Wilson, Pastor Don Livesay, Sep 11, 2010
Faith Without The FizziesFaith Without The Fizzies Pastor Dane Griffin, Jun 5, 2010
The Supreme SacrificeThe Supreme SacrificeJack Sequeira, Apr 10, 2010
Sir, We Would See JesusSir, We Would See JesusGary Gifford, Apr 24, 2010
What Are You Doing Here ?What Are You Doing Here ?Pastor Don Livesay, Jan 23, 2010
Keys To Christian GrowthKeys To Christian GrowthJason Morgan, Oct 17, 2009
Crown Him Or Crucify HimCrown Him Or Crucify HimJason Morgan, Oct 10, 2009
USA In Bible ProphesyUSA In Bible ProphesyJason Morgan, Oct 3, 2009
Standing In The BattleStanding In The BattleJason Morgan, Sep 19, 2009
Living A Life Of FaithLiving A Life Of FaithMichael Hasel, Sep 12, 2009
5 - Empowering the Remnant5 - Empowering the RemnantElder Fred Earles, Jul 18, 2009
4 - Preparing for the Latter Rain4 - Preparing for the Latter RainElder Fred Earles, Jul 18, 2009
3 - How Lord... Who??3 - How Lord... Who??Elder Fred Earles, Jul 18, 2009
2 - The Great Enabler for Witnessing2 - The Great Enabler for WitnessingElder Fred Earles, Jul 18, 2009
1 - Preparing for the 2nd Coming1 - Preparing for the 2nd ComingElder Fred Earles, Jul 17, 2009
The Other Christmas StoryThe Other Christmas StoryElder Richard Davidson, May 19, 2007
The MasterThe Master's Men - ThaddaeusPastor Bruce Moore, Dec 6, 2008
Portraits Of JesusPortraits Of JesusNathan Greene, Nov 15, 2008
The MasterThe Master's Men - NathanaelPastor Bruce Moore, Nov 1, 2008
The Masters Men - PhilipThe Masters Men - PhilipPastor Bruce Moore, Oct 25, 2008
The Masters Men-JudasThe Masters Men-JudasPastor Bruce Moore, Sep 20, 2008
The Sanctuary in HebrewsThe Sanctuary in HebrewsDr. Richard Davidson, Sep 13, 2008
Questions and AnswersQuestions and AnswersDr. Roy Gane and Dr. Richard Davidson, Sep 13, 2008
The Judgement and Gospel AssuranceThe Judgement and Gospel AssuranceDr. Roy Gane, Sep 13, 2008
Doubt to Delight-The SanctuaryDoubt to Delight-The SanctuaryDr. Richard Davidson, Sep 13, 2008
Good News Of Yom KippurGood News Of Yom KippurDr. Richard Davidson, Sep 13, 2008
What Difference Does The Judgement MakeWhat Difference Does The Judgement MakeDr. Roy Gane, Sep 13, 2008
Why An Investigative JudgementWhy An Investigative JudgementDr. Roy Gane, Sep 12, 2008
The Masters Men- James,son of AlphaeusThe Masters Men- James,son of AlphaeusPastor Bruce Moore, Aug 16, 2008
The MasterThe Master's Men - SimonPastor Bruce Moore, Jul 5, 2008
The MasterThe Master's Men- JohnPastor Bruce Moore, Jun 7, 2008
The MasterThe Master's Men - JamesPastor Bruce Moore, May 3, 2008
The MasterThe Master's Men - MatthewPastor Bruce Moore, Apr 19, 2008
In All Things, Really?In All Things, Really?Ken & Joyce Wilson, Mar 15, 2008
The MasterThe Master's Men - ThomasPastor Bruce Moore, Mar 8, 2008
The MasterThe Master's Men - AndrewPastor Bruce Moore, Feb 16, 2008
GodGod's Answer To A Stab In The BackPastor Jim Micheff, Jan 19, 2008
The Masters Men, PeterThe Masters Men, PeterPastor Bruce Moore, Jan 12, 2008